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Chameleon Crystal Wrap Bracelet

  • 2200

  • Genuine Black Leather Bracelet with Chameleon Green Tint Crystals
  • The End Has A Silver Tone Button And 3 Adjustable Loops For Easy Size Fitting
  • The Size of The Crystals is About 4 mm, They Are Man-Made and Good Quality.
  • Length(Inch): 33 Approx., The Bracelet Is Designed to Wrap 5 Times Around Wrist
  • Hand-Knotted With A Soft Black Leather, and Black Thread

The Chameleon Crystal 5x Wrap Bracelet is our all time best seller. This wrap bracelet has beautiful crystals that seem to reflect different colors depending on the angle of view. This bracelet will add some new flare to any outfit and is an all time favorite. It is handcrafted with genuine soft black leather and hand-knotted with black thread. The Handmade Crystal beads are faceted cut and visually rich.

The closure has a metal silver-tone button, you can adjust it to any of the three loops, you can tie or untie the loops to make it perfect for you (bracelet is handmade). This unique wrap bracelet is perfect for every occasion and outfit, casual blue jeans, or any elegant dress.

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